New Year. New Direction.

Hello all!

First and foremost...Happy 2014! How exciting it is to be blessed with another year on our plates. And I know that this year will be another year of big changes for Devin and I. I'm a little bit ecstatic and a little bit scared outta my mind...if you know what I mean. There is just so much to be excited, nervous, anxious, and happy about in this coming year. But I'm ready for it...

It's no secret that for the last 4 months or so this blog of mine has lacked content and I'll go ahead and say it...Creativity. Its a compilation of many things but mostly the transition into my new job and the beginning of my education classes/career. As I think back over the last 4 months, I can hardly believe I made it this far and as I look ahead to the next 8 months or so I can barely see how I'm going to survive. I feel overwhelmed when I look at the bigger picture: Finishing my classes, taking 2 more $120 state certification tests, finding and getting hired for my first teaching job, finishing my nanny career, and finishing my first year of teaching alive.

Yeah, so it's easy to hyperventilate. I wrote about in one of my recent posts how it is much easier to just take it one day at a time. This results in much less hyperventilating. I don't mean to be all Debbie Downer on this New Year, but I say all of that to preface where this next part of my post will be coming from.

A few months ago one of my favorite bloggers, Rachel from simple.little.joys, wrote a post simply expressing her need to take a step back from her corner of the web to find inspiration, to have some breathing room, and to focus on her personal life. She was not leaving the blogging community completely, as she still desired to write on her blog when she felt inspired and follow the blogs she loved, it just couldn't be a priority at that time. Ever since I read her post back then, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

Friends, this is where I'm finding myself on this New Year's Day. I love blogging and I love feeling inspired and full of joy when I read all of your blogs, but to make that a priority in my life right now when there is just so much more that requires my attention is just kind of impossible. Will I completely give up blogging? No. Will I stop reading blogs? I don't plan on it. In fact, I hope to find myself here more often once I don't put so much pressure on myself. This is just a formal explanation of the absence you are already familiar with ;)

Life is full of priorities, and finishing my teaching classes and finding my first teaching job is of utmost importance in my life right now. Devin and I have sacrificed a lot both financially and personally so that I can fulfill this dream of mine. I would be unwise if I did not put forth all of my best efforts and my time to see this dream come true. Call this a New Year's resolution of mine if you will, but I know that I need to do this, at least for now, so that I can finally call myself a teacher.

I hope to be back as often as I can and reading all of your wonderful blogs is something I look forward to almost daily. Of course you'll still find me on all forms of social media, so be sure to follow me there! I wish you all a beautiful and wonderful Happy New Year!

Go after and pursue all of your dreams, friend!



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Annie said...

I think it only makes sense to put blogging on the back burner while you're in this season of your life! Teaching is such a difficult profession and just as you said, it'd be unwise not to focus fully on learning all you can in preparation. You're doing such a good work, Leanne! I'm so excited for you as you chase your dream of teaching. Good teachers are rare and valuable and I have every faith you will be one of them!